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Parsan Kundli

Parsan Kundli

Question horoscope is only a map of transiting time. Suddenly a desire was born in a sitting mind, what will be the future of this wish. Will it be fulfilled or not? In particular, the question chart is used to solve any such problem. At the time when any curiosity arises in the mind of a person, at the same time, the horoscope created is called the name of the question. The question chart can also be given the name of Karyasiddhi. There are many such incidents in daily life it is not possible to know from the horoscope. This can be solved by a question chart.

Question horoscope: It is the specialty of the question chart that it is not necessary to know the time of birth for this horoscope. During this time there is no dilemma in the birth time or in the determination of the ascendant. Therefore its ascendant is easily determined. Apart from this, there is no need to apply transit and condition. Normally: The age of the question paper is considered to be annual. The question time is fixed in the horoscope.

How does the question chart work: The role of job sense and actions is important in the question chart. Work here refers to the thought or desire for which the question chart has been created. Like: if a person wants to know if he will travel. So in this situation, the action became the third sense. Now let’s understand Kamesha, Kamesh means that sense of Kundali. With which a related question has been raised. In this question, it has been said about the yatra, and then the lord of the tritic sense has become intent in this way, The relation of work expressions and actions in the question chart indicates the success of the question. In the same way, the Lagna Bhava in the question chart always represents the questioner. The seventh house is the person or subject matter to which the related question is raised. The seventh house is analyzed to understand the situation of that person.

Information about the concerns of the questioner can be seen from the moon. In the horoscope, the position of the moon in the ascendant in the house is in the house, in the second house, in the third house, in the third house, away from the house, in the fourth house, problems related to house / water, children in the fifth house, debt in the sixth house, in the seventh house. Marriage or partnership, ancestral property in the eighth house or unexpected gain, moon long-distance journey in the ninth house, livelihood in the tenth house, Income growth/promotion in the eleventh house, in the twelfth house, indicates that there are concerns related to foreign travel.

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