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Murti Pran Pratishtha

Reputation means to establish divinity. Often whenever there is an establishment, mantras are chanted with it, rituals and other procedures are performed. If you are establishing a shape or through prestige mantras, then you have to maintain it continuously. In India, traditionally, we are told that a stone statue should not be kept in the house, because you have to worship it daily with the right kind of worship and rituals. If a deity is installed with a mantra and is not worshiped daily, then it absorbs energy and can cause huge harm to those around. Unfortunately, many temples have become like this because proper maintenance is not done there. People do not know how to keep those temples alive.

Prana Pratistha refers to the rite or ceremony by which a murti (statue of a god) is consecrated in a Hindu temple, wherein hymns and mantra are recited to invite the deity to be resident guest, and the idol’s eye is opened for the first time. Practiced in the temples of Hinduism and Jainism, the ritual is considered to infuse life into the Hindu temple.

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